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Issues relating to the end of life are often a part of caring for older patients in the ED. While there seems like a gulf between the skills of the palliative physician and the Emergency physician, work in the ED frequently requires knowledge of the basics of high-quality palliative care.

This module looks at several ED patients to illustrate the basics.

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An awareness of disease trajectories and how to use it in addressing prognosis. The essentials of having a goals of care discussion in the ED. A review of the best practices in symptom management that are relevant to the ED. The management of trauma is one of the core competencies of the Emergency Physician. Trauma in the older patient has all of the complexity of trauma management in the younger patient — plus some extras!

Penetrating trauma is rare in older patients.

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But blunt trauma is a major and frequent reason for older patients to present to the ED. Older people who have fallen need evaluation in several modalities.

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The Emergency physician needs a deep understanding of how and why the older person presents with these vague symptoms and strategies for history gathering, physical exam, and diagnosis. This module accompanies one patient on his midnight arrival in the ED. It uses his case to explore the anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology behind his atypical presentation. This e-learning website was designed primarily for Physicians working in Emergency Departments who want to provide optimal care to their older patients.

It will also be of interest to all health-care providers who see older patients as part of their practice — in primary care, in hospital, in long-term care, or in the community. Members of the public with an interest in geriatric care are welcome to explore the content on this website. We encourage you to register and participate in group discussions and interactive content. Each of the six modules in this website is designed to provide in-depth knowledge about issues in geriatric emergency medicine and includes:.

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You must be a member to access much of the interactive content and discussion boards. Sign up here. If you are interested in learning about Geriatric Emergency Medicine but do not want to sign in, you can view all of the content without the interactive elements. Medication Management in the Older ED Patient Medication issues in older patients in the Emergency Department are among the most challenging and important areas of their management.

Cognitive Impairment Changes in cognition are relatively common in the older population. Use screening tools for these conditions to assess whether an older person is able to give an accurate history, participate in determining the plan of care, and understands discharge instructions. Formulate an age-specific differential diagnosis for an older patient with new cognitive or behavioral impairment, and initiate a diagnostic work-up to determine the etiology, and initiate treatment. Emergency Medicine by O.

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