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Obtaining a college degree has been.

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Teaching for the Future A person 's future accomplishments are largely dependent on the education they receive during their childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood. In the U. American students are receiving poor educations due to problems within the country 's education system, leaving them unprepared for the adult world.

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Of all the issues with the American education system, the. The Future of Education As teachers our primary concern should be the students and what type of learning environment will be best suited to meet their needs. There are many different opinions as top what the most effective or appropriate curriculum is for the students. I do not believe there is any one philosophy that can provide the ideal curriculum for each and every student.

Just as there are numerous methods of teaching, there are also numerous ways to learn. It is essential that we keep this in mind as we help the students achieve their goals and discover their talents. Above all we must encourage the students to try new things and do what we can to prevent limiting them in any way.

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I do not feel that I …show more content…. I think that many of the schools today merely try to prepare the students to move on to college and by doing so exclude the students who are gifted with other abilities that are equally important and useful in society, even though those talents may not necessarily be something that can be refined through a traditional four year college. As a future teacher, I very strongly believe that students need to be shown practical applications of the concepts they are taught.

For myself this is especially notable in mathematical applications. As teachers we need to not just show how to work through a problem: we need to show why it works and what it is useful for. Without something to apply the information to math is nothing more than a stream of numbers and formulas that students memorize for a specific test and then quickly forget. By demonstrating specific examples of applications the students will be able to retain some of the information easier and then adapt what they learn to other problems they encounter in the future.

Upon graduation I hope to begin teaching Math at the middle school or high school level.

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Geometry, Trigonometry, and Algebra would be my first choices of classes I would like to teach, but I feel I would enjoy teaching any of the other forms of math. I would prefer to teach in a rural area since that is the. Show More. Read More. A Better Future. Popular Essays.

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Open Document. Depending on the stream, doing graduation in India can take three to five years. Post graduate courses are generally of two to three years of duration. After completing post graduation, scope for doing research in various educational institutes also remains open. Prominent Educational Institutes in India: There are quite a good number of educational institutes in India that can compete with the best educational institutes of the world.

Education for the Marginalized in India: As education is the means for bringing socio- economic transformation in a society, various measures are being taken to enhance the access of education to the marginalized sections of the society. One such measure is the introduction of the reservation system in the institutes of higher education. Under the present law, 7. Under the Indian constitution, various minority groups can also set up their own educational institutes. Efforts are also being taken to improve the access to higher education among the women of India by setting up various educational institutes exclusively for them or reserving seats in the already existing institutes.

The growing acceptance of distance learning courses and expansion of the open university system is also contributing a lot in the democratization of higher education in India. Despite all the efforts to develop the education system in India, access, equity and quality of education in India continue to haunt the policy makers till this date. This has mainly been due to the widespread poverty and various prejudices.

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The inability to check the drop out rates among the marginalized sections of the population is another cause of worry. However, the renewed emphasis in the education sector in the 11th five year plan and increased expenditure in both primary and higher education can act as palliatives for the Indian education system.

College graduation will qualify you for many jobs that would not be available to you any other way. Your career advancement should be easier because some job promotions require a college degree. Education will help you develop your skills in reasoning, tolerance, reflection, and communication. These skills will help you resolve the conflicts and solve crisis that come up in the course of a personal or professional life. A satisfied life depends upon the rational resolution of conflicts and crises.

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Of course, these critical skills can be developed without going to college, but the college environment has proven to be a good place to practice, learn and polish skills that will last you a lifetime. Accessed October 18, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours 23 : 59 : If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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