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I have created a compilation the best essays that were ever written in my humble opinion.

Famous American Writers: Criteria That Determine a Distinguished Artist

Go ahead and read their summaries and key writing tips. The plot setting takes place in some wilderness in Australia, centering on a family drama. If you want to learn how to write top college essays, read this one.

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You will see how the author intermingles travel writing, philosophy on the most important things in life, and family reminiscences. Besides, you will get an excellent opportunity to learn something about the culture of the Aussies. The essay provides you with the following tips:. If you are always complaining about your life and think that you are frequently punched by it in the face, read this essay and you will change your mind in a minute. The story revolves around the concepts of hardships and loss.

First, you might get irreversibly sad and depressed, but then you will just feel the ultimate gratitude for the things you have in your life. What is it like to be a father? Is it possible to see the reflection of your childhood self in your child? This amazing piece of writing tells a story of a father and son.

Hilary Mantel

The narration unfolds in the forestry area of Maine filled with sunshine and pleasant childhood memories. Aspiring writers usually derive a great deal of satisfaction from writing and feel overwhelming pleasure to perform. Many potential artists begin their way with this type of paper. Why do essayists choose voluntarily!

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In essays, the authors express ideas that bother them at the moment. Creating a great persuasive essay is an art because it requires artists to organize their thoughts in a rather short literary form and, nevertheless, do this in a unique, creative manner. It is understandable why an essay has such a long and interesting history.

40+1 Famous American Writers Who Changed the World

The early years of the US literature were far from being independent. The British authors highly influenced it. English literature has been established long before Columbus discovered the new continent; at this point, America had its first essayists such as Samuel Sewall and John Woolman.

Tensions between Britain and the colonies resulted in the War of Independence, or American Revolution, which caused the creation of the Declaration of Independence in Finally, the citizens became independent from Britain. Certainly, the overall revolutionary moods of the country had to influence essay writers significantly.

This period is defined by increasing desire to produce truly American literature.

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Like European colleagues, famous American romanticism authors shared some views. Famous essayists of the Romantic era were:. This period has very clear boundaries — two great wars that significantly influenced American culture — the Civil War and the World War I. American realism authors wanted to depict life as it was. Here are the most prominent artists of this period.

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The 20th-century American literature gave the world a pleiad of talented authors who were working in a variety of new genres. Experiments in literature characterize the 20th and the 21st century.

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The composers return to older, classic genres. The most famous American writers of the 20th century are as follows:. Until the late XX century, the society did not take female professionals seriously.

Naming 2 of the famous American female writers would not be enough. The country has more distinguished female novelists to share. Most of their stories possess a strong rebel spirit reflecting the nature of the sexual revolution. Speaking about popular female authors, it is impossible to ignore the role of famous African American women writers in the history and politics of the United States.

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Fighting for equality and freedom of choice for centuries, famous black American writers deserve to be on the list. It makes sense to discuss famous Latin American writers after observing the list of Afro American contributors as these ethnic groups have a lot in common. They had to face similar challenges to survive in the American society.