Persuasive essay about media violence

Both events have garnered national and international attention, in turn prompting arguments in gun-rights and media attention debates. Some would say that people with a mental illness are likely to only commit these kinds of violent crimes in the first place. They either want to do serious harm to other people for some sick, sadistic reason, or they see that the media is basically celebrating a violent perpetrator.

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In an article published on aacap. Eugene V. Beresin has some interesting insights on the topic.

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He goes on to say that the last 30 years or so have urged extensive research on the relationship between violence on TV and violent youth behavior. He says many studies have confirmed this correlation. According to the article, the typical American child watches more than , acts of violence and more than 16, murders before they reach the age of It says that TV programs portray approximately violence acts every single hour, with cartoons and another program for children having up to 20 acts of violence every hour.

What is even more frightening, the article goes on to say, is how vulnerable young people who have been victimized in some way, shape or form may feel that violence is an outlet, a solution to their problems.

This is especially true when children see so many of their favorite heroes in stories resorting to violence either as revenge or as a tool to combat evil — in other words, the bad guys. The scary thing is, a young, vulnerable child or even an adolescent may feel they are the hero, while they may see the person or persons bullying them or hurting other people or persecuting them in certain social groups as the bad guys.

When they resort to what they have seen on television, they are likely to feel it is OK to resort to violence as a way of doing away with the bad guys. Children who watch televised violence are desensitized to it. They may come to see violence as a fact of life and, over time, lose their ability to empathize with both the victim and the victimizer.

While this is certainly an issue of debate for many, it is false and irresponsible to pretend TV and other forms of media do not affect viewers, especially young people, in a negative way. This consequence may definitely come down to mental illness in most children and adolescents, as people who resort to violent crimes as a means to solve problems can only be sick in the head.

Argumentative Essay -Media Violence

Nonetheless, more and more young people are feeling a sense of aloneness in the world, perhaps evening feeling overlooked in a society that rewards people for being famous, for standing out and being popular. They yearn for celebrity, they yearn to be important, and in seeing how the media gives unlimited attention to bad things done by bad people, they see how violent, criminal behaviors can be an effective way to become larger than life.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that video games were the main factor that affected their mental stability and urged them to commit those outrageous crimes. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of young game players are law-abiding citizens. On balance, the allegation that video games are the main factor that causes young people to be aggressive appears to be ungrounded and biased.

Until the First World War, the kinds of weapons used in battles had limited potential to destroy life and property on a large scale. But with the invention of the nuclear bomb, the scenario changed drastically.

Violence and Media Essay

The whole world was stunned by the devastation that two solitary bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki could create…. She writes a long letter to her lover, sprays some perfume on it, then sends it and waits for long days to hear back from him. He spends weeks or even months waiting for any news…. Getting to know people from all over the world and sending them instant messages is no longer a dream.

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It has become a part of our daily routine since computer-based communication programmes were invented. However, people are starting to doubt that this dream was worth fulfilling. Sign in Remember me for two weeks.

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