Phd thesis on self help groups

Local mung-bean preferences of producers, processors, consumers and the market conditions are studied.

The Progression of the Self Help Movement in India for Women

It showed that local mung-bean food qualities related to suitability in the local cropping system, processing requirement short cooking-time, better consistency and appearance and consumption choice easy to cook, healthy food. Mung-bean market conditions indicated that the market works against peasants traders and urban processors are winners.

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In reviewing the literature on SHGs and previous empirical studies, various factors were identified that contribute to a success or failure of a functioning of SHG. These include full participation from and homogeneity among members, and clear group goals and transparency in group operations and functioning.

The need remains for technological efforts to address the specific location of peasant resources while in the SHG there is clearly a need to restore or redefine collective responsibility.

Towards food autonomy: connectivity and self-help groups in Hisar, India. Project : PhD. Towards food autonomy: connectivity and self-help groups in Hisar, India S.

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Rural Sociology. Fingerprint self help.

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The Progression of the Self Help Movement in India for Women

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