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Revolts were also started because many of the civilians retaliated back because of.

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The empire contained Western, Southern, and Eastern Europe, along with North Africa; thus, there was an abundance of culture from many different conquered groups. Romans wanted to make these. Final Fall A1. For an empire that lasted nearly years, the fall of the Roman Empire was influenced by various different events.

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Four troubled ingredientes lead to the demise of the the greatest empire of all time; politics, money, social, and war. It is important to note that the fall of the Roman Empire does not mean that the romans lost everything, it is just a reference to the fall of the western roman empire.

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One of the causes of the fall of the west was that of the rise of the. Although it was believed that the Roman Empire would never come to an end, inevitably it fell.

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The Roman Empire is an extremely historic empire that left a massive legacy behind. It collapsed during the fifth century. The empire was having serious military struggles. They received threats from other European tribes along with diminished military funding. A military who does not have proper funding will slowly fall apart.

Other than the military, the Roman Empire had a few key social and cultural. The era dominated by Roman empire is one the most well-known and influential periods of history, home to famous names from Julius Caesar to Jesus Christ. Even in the century before the official replacement of the Roman republic by the empire, Rome expanded immensely as a result of the Punic wars.

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Rome fought the Punic Wars between and BCE against the nearby trade empire Carthage over the nearby island of Sicily, a …show more content…. At the time of his birth, the Roman republic was rife with corruption, losing touch with the people as Rome rapidly expanded. However, he quickly took the reins of the new government, securing his position as dictator with many populist actions, such as distributing land to poor farmers. They, in turn, showed loyalty toward their leader, providing unity and patriotism. The Roman empire was born into the perfect geographical and cultural circumstances to rise to greatness.

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The Roman empire suffered many problems throughout its rise and several centuries of subsequent power. To begin with, they dealt with many outside invasions, including the Burgundians, Franks, Alemanni, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Visigoths, and Anglo-Saxon peoples. Show More.

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Open Document. The Rome Empire was founded in 27 B. The Western part disintegrated in C. But what are those crucial events that brought to ruin such a magnificent state?

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There are different points of view regarding the fall of Rome Empire. Researchers explain it differently. But most of them come together with a thought that the fall was only in the west. There are several external facts that influenced the fall of Rome Empire. The most crucial is the influx of barbaric horde.

Barbarians took advantage of problems already existing in the Roman society — overpopulation, poor leadership, culture and moral decay. The fall of the Empire occurred not due to a war or revolution. The facts imposed on each other and lead to the slow fall. Moreover, in the last day of Rome Empire the barbarian leader entered the city of Rome unopposed and the military and financial power of Mediterranean was not able to exist anymore. If we speak about the internal facts, that influenced the fall of Rome Empire, there are researchers who believe that the fall occurred due to the structure of the Roman society.

Historian Polybus affirms that the Rome was a victim of its declining moral virtue. Edward Gibbon, for instance, claims that the Christianity badly affected the Rome. It was religion that leads to such consequences, as people were trying to rebuild the society in accordance to the postulates of the religion they shrove. Moreover, most barbarians were Christians. But if we take a look deeper, we can conclude that actual fall of Rome Empire occurred not due to the factors mentioned above.

The actual split happened several decades earlier, when the Rome Empire was divided into two mentioned above parts.