Thesis on military coups

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In regard to the former, I propose a novel theoretical argument explaining why parliamentary systems experience fewer military coups. My argument relies on the inherent features of parliamentary systems, which potentially benefit the military elites such that they do not need to conduct a coup to get the policy outcomes and influence they seek.

These features are 1 the presence of a government coalition formation process to select the chief executive after legislative elections and 2 the vote of no-confidence procedure to terminate a government early. Both of these features allow the military elites to influence the overall ideology of the government without resorting to a direct government takeover.

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In a highly democratic country such as the US or in a highly authoritarian country such as China, these scores might be quite high, although the likelihood of a coup is definitely not. Using this original measure, I also examine the relationship between the military centrality and the likelihood of coups.

The military coup in Zimbabwe, explained

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Until now any extensive comment has been by journalists in the media, although references have been made to the incident in academic articles in the context of discussions about defence or foreign policy. Between them they seem to have provided most of the material for the media articles in defence of their own positions or responding to the others' claims. Date Author Crowley, Grant J. Rights The Author.

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